12 Best ways that makes your Hubby loves you

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

A good and caring husband is a blessing but having a great wife is the blessing doubled. Here are a few simple tips to become a great spouse.

  1. Lay the foundation of your Relationship on the floor of TRUST, SINCERITY and CONFIDENCE. Don’t try to hide petty matters from your hubby whether it be that you have spent extra money on shopping or something else.
  2. Think, Act and Behave in a manner that will make him feel important and worthy.
  3. Conquer him via LOVE. Tell him often that  I am glad that I married you
  4. Never neglect yourself in terms of Beauty and Freshness. Use your wits to appear more Presentable, Eye-catching and Cheerful.
  5. Bake, Make or Buy your hubby’s favorite Food. Learn to kindle the spark of happiness in your married life in doing small chores.
  6. Don’t make the mountain out of the mole. Keep away from the Gossip masala because it can play havoc in lives.
  7. Remember that SILENCE is the Best answer. Never be Angry and Argue at the same time as it doubles the miseries.
  8. Always receive your spouse with a Happy and Cheery mood.
  9. Try to be Forgiving. If one conceals the faults of others, ALMIGHTY will conceals his faults. Don’t dig up the past mistakes. 
  10. Avoid making Sarcasm and Overruling. Advise with dignity and love.  
  11. Thank and Praise him often for what he does for the family. 
  12. Pray ,Pray and Pray. Pray to Almighty for being a great wife.

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