5 Best Quotes for Earth Day

Asalamoalikum /Good Morning.

International mother earth day is organised on 22nd of April every year. The message of the UN Secretary-General Ban-ki-moon states that:

” I appeal to all people everywhere to raise their voices. Speak out on behalf of this planet, our only home. Let us care for Mother Earth so she can continue to care for us as she has done for millennia. “

Here are 5 Best Quotes for Earth Day:
  • We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children. 

  • He that plants trees loves others beside himself.

  • The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live with it.

  • Life comes to earth and life returns to the earth.

  • The earth doesn’t belong to us we belong to earth

In the end of my post may I request all my readers to help our mother earth “Green & Clean” !

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