5 Best Ways to stay Motivated

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

After a long off from the work especially the net,i am on the road.The absence is not the holiday or something,its the way to be productive,(in a better sense)
By Almighty’s Grace ,i am here again to share, to modify with a fresh mind.


 Motivation or inspiration is a must to keep life on gear.It is as essential as oxygen to trees.It acts as a pushing force to keep oneself moving.

It can be a simple happening or an example from the near one.problems ,difficulties are with everyone.The difference is that either they took u or you play with them.There are some simple ways to stay motivated.

  1. EXERCISE:This really have a positive effect  not only your body but your mind also.A simple walk is the best time to think about yourself and plan for a day.It boosts the positivity within yourself.Getting into the BEST physical condition can enhance your creativity several times.
  2. SMILE OFTEN:It is a common saying that it takes only 14 muscles to smile.Smile is the commonest and cheapest gift which can be offered to others.One of the best Stress releasing medicine offered for free.The best practise is to look  upon yourself into the mirror Smiling.Believe me it works.
  3. THINK LESS:Abrupt thinking can distract you from your goals making you gloomy
  4. THANK OFTEN:Thanking often creates a feeling of satiety and start the chain of positive energy flowing around you.  
  5. FOCUS:Last but not the least make a Not To Do List.Too many distractions merely waste your energy You cant be available to everyone at any time..Focusing yourself to the particular goal helps you be on the track.
Stay Healthy and Stay Aware.

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