Are you happy? Tips to Unlock your Happiness.

Last night, I had an urge for the yummy Ice-cream Faluda ( a mixture of ice-cream, vermicelli, red syrup, nuts and all), but the situation doesn’t seem to be i my favor. As nobody is around to console my craving past midnight. Everybody except me was snoozing.
I know, this used to happened with me fortnightly and most of the time an hour later, I was finishing up, sipping the last bit of faluda mix.(Thanks, Almighty). but this doesn’t seem to be happening lately so I begin controlling my intention and start thinking on the other side of the fence(read Faluda craving) and practically say no to myself. After pondering for a bit I realized that this attitude is just lending me a few moments of joy but as it is over, I am back to the previous state, even the sweet taste of the faluda had turned bitter.
So actually
What is this?
Am I actually craving for happiness?
Does I am getting lasting happiness from this?

Well, we all work for the happiness and peace, we raise our family to be grateful, we live to squeeze Happiness from our crazy schedule but not just the labile one but everyone is looking for the happiness that is evergreen, the one that gives us internal contentment and lends our soul at eternal peace.

Is ice cream giving us lasting Happiness?

Over the years, the writers have saints have looked for Happiness and peace in the caves, on the mounds, Neuroscientists have  fizzled over the Hormonal side playing with the ups and downs of various hormones(OXYTOCIN, SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE), modern day writers have offered many different theories on how to niche out happiness while living in the era of uncertainty. But the essence of their work come out to a point that the source of eternal, everlasting, never dying happiness comes from the simple way of SHARING, offering some of your Bounties to others, rescheduling your priorities for others without guilt. In return what you get is what that is most sought after, the HAPPINESS, Contentment, the bouncing Feeling of Sustained Joy. Deep inside you know that doing these small deeds of Greatness, showing love through your words opens the flow of Hearty Happiness.

It comes when you drop a nibble or leftover on the floor, a bird instantly picks it up bringing a toothless grin on your kid’s face, making you happier than ever.
When someone remarked you”May God Reward You”, you instantly begin to feel rewarded in the core of your heart, your self-esteem pinnacles.It magnifies every time when you reflect back upon it, carving an everlasting mark of Happiness on your heart.
Looking your life from the other’s frame of reference, helping others by nurturing love, ever growing your task list by lending your time to listens to other’s worries so that you are living your life to the fullest. In fact, by doing this you are developing your inner self, adding value to your life, to be happier, more successful and more satisfied. Unleash some more happiness by following these more tips.

Be Generous:

Being generous with your words, with your actions doesn’t cause you a fortune but the lightening face, the thankful glance will become a source of constant joy and Happiness. In the long run, you will be treated in the same way.

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