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Cancer! You Need To Know (INFOGRAPH)

Why most of us are afraid of cancer?Isn't it like any other disease?Why chills run down our spine when we heard someone suffering from cancer?Well , probably , because many of us have lost our near and dear one's whilst struggling bravely or surrendering quietly against cancer. Cancer has become the source of instant terror.1. Cancer has a resemblance with the CRAB.Cancer, a greek word for crab, resembles a lot with the crabby way of life. As everybody of us is familiar with the way the

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Asalamolikum/Good MorningCancerCancer is a dreadful word almost equivalent to Death. With Cancer What comes in your mind?A debilitated person lying in the bed whose head is shaved off, with so many gloomy faces around him/her, only hoping for some miracle to happen.Cancer is such a horrific disease that has claim millions of lives.But this is not in case of Breast Cancer, the statistics are rapidly changing. Due to the explosion in Research and Discoveries, Breast cancer outcome is not, what 20

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