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International Day of Sports :Pak India Scenario

Asalamoalikum/Good morningA healthy body  nurtures a healthy mind.Sports for PeaceA common saying believed  and practised  by the masses.Involvement of sports in our lifestyle help us achieve  not only the  best  physical  condition but also helps in preventing the  disease.Can sports be a purpose  for  peace and development among  nations sounds a little weird?. But in the Indo Pak scenario sports  especially  Cricket works like

How to make the most of your TV time.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning As the match fever is on the rise these days, everybody in the house glued to the screens is a common scene, killing a lot of our precious time. Watching match on TV Want to know the tips to get the most out of time.Using this time simultaneously to do other chores is not a bad idea.It is known as MULTITASKING i.e Killing two birds with one stone.Here are the few simple productive tips which are easy to follow while watching your favourite match #t20Stretch

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