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World Health Day: 10 best ways to stay Healthy and Safe

Asalamoalikum/Good morningFood Safety is the theme of this year World Health Day embarking to educate the masses about the criteria of safe & reliable food.World Health DayHow do we consider our food safe? there could be many answers. Below are top 10 tips to be sure that what we are munching is safe and up to the standards.Always wash your hands before holding what you are about to eat.It is Sunnah as well prevent the food from being contaminated.But be careful not to rub hands with towel

10 Easy Tips to watch your weight at home

Asalamoalikum/Good MorningHealthy Meal Looking slim and smart is a dream of every man and woman. But Slimming Programs and Institutes are charging a great deal making a big hole in the pocket. Following are 10 easy tips and habits to accomplish this goal with out costing a penny.Drink a lot of water especially at least 2 glasses half hour before breakfast.Take a warm cup of honey water i.e. 1 large spoon of honey in a cup early in the morning.Minimize

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