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Are you happy? Tips to Unlock your Happiness.

Last night, I had an urge for the yummy Ice-cream Faluda ( a mixture of ice-cream, vermicelli, red syrup, nuts and all), but the situation doesn't seem to be i my favor. As nobody is around to console my craving past midnight. Everybody except me was snoozing.I know, this used to happened with me fortnightly and most of the time an hour later, I was finishing up, sipping the last bit of faluda mix.(Thanks, Almighty). but this doesn't seem to be happening lately so I begin controlling my

Ten jewels earned from a decade of happy marriage

10 JEWELSBeing a young girl, I repeatedly had to listen to such statements:“Whatever you study, one day you have to get married and do the household chores.”I used to ignore it as much as I could. After the bone-breaking study of Medicine- with all work and no play schedule; cramming all the boring details of Anatomy, and memorizing the depths and details of a tangled human brain- there came a time when I had to tie a knot with somebody and leave all my books. Then, I had to start from the

5 Best Ways to stay Motivated

Asalamolikum/Good MorningAfter a long off from the work especially the net,i am on the road.The absence is not the holiday or something,its the way to be productive,(in a better sense)By Almighty's Grace ,i am here again to share, to modify with a fresh mind.Life Motivation or inspiration is a must to keep life on gear.It is as essential as oxygen to trees.It acts as a pushing force to keep oneself moving.It can be a simple happening or an example from the near one.problems ,difficulties

Bird’s Morning Bath … The Fun Way to Start the Day

Asalamoalikum/Good MorningBird's Morning WalkToday during my daily morning walk I found a very fascinating and interesting video which I want to share  with my readers. So the "Bird's Morning Bath" gives the inspiration to start the day with activities which help to feel happiness, energy and calmness. Kindly see the below movie clip and share it with others.Note: On request of some readers I have uploaded file on following URL as

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