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AsalamoalikumGood Morning.As the World Heart Day is approaching on 29 of September this year, reminds me                                        Can the heart be only a sign of terror?People who claims to posses heart, working hard to keep it Healthy,Modifying their Lifestyles,Limiting the intake of various greasy stuff ,Walking Miles,Involving themselves in heart racing exercises called as CARDIO

10 Tips to boost your Daily Routine

10 Best Tips to boost your Daily Routine.Habits are the ways which we repeatedly do. It is a common saying that“ First we make our habits than our habits made us”They have profound effect on our life and relationships. Following are the some easy going tips which truly give a pop up and refreshing effect to our stagnant life and also help us to be a better person and a good Muslim. Kids1. SleepSeep is the integral part of our routine. Studies recommend to have a 6-7 hours sleep. An

Serving mother earth by feeding nature

Asalamoalikum /Good Morning.These birds on the roadside  always remind me to play with them.As the earth day is approaching, my daughter gave me the idea to make it a memorable one by enjoying with the birds there. So we reach there early morning to capture this:Mother earth day 2015 : Serving Earth by... by myda-tahir So on the occasion of earth day 2015 I want to share my readers to view the above video 'Serving mother earth by feeding nature' and pass message to others.

10 Tips to Spark Creativity in Kids

Asalamoalikum /Good Morning. It is widely said that to be more productive spend time with kids because they have the unending flow of energy which make them never stopping for anything but the matter is how to mold and convert this force into a more productive and result oriented goals.It is a challenging task for the Guardians and Parents. Now here are a few tips to spark the creativity in the kids.Happy KidsMake the children take the responsibility.Give them small tasks according to their

Mommy’s Dream: An Unforgettable Journey

Asalamoalikum/Good MorningBaby There was fun & excitement in the air. Everybody was gay and happy as we were going to experience our first ever journey of the train with our very dear kids. We & kids have made lot of plans for the journey as we want to enjoy every bit of this, like Playing board games and catching Views of the amazing world outside the window.It was like a dream come true, actually our beloved aunt who lives in a distant city, has been inviting us for

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