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Miswak, the Wonder Chewing Stick

‘Aa’ishah (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allahﷺ said, ‘Miswak cleanses the mouth and pleasesthe Lord.’ Saheeh al-Bukhaari (2/27)Since Childhood I have seen my mom use Miswak not only for cleaning her mouth but for all her oral and dental issues like loosening teeth, toothaches, and even minor swelling of the gums.Today at the age of 67, it’s no less than a wonder that all her teeth are natural, healthy and sparkling white! This, in spite of her big sweet tooth – she loves to enjoy

Are you happy? Tips to Unlock your Happiness.

Last night, I had an urge for the yummy Ice-cream Faluda ( a mixture of ice-cream, vermicelli, red syrup, nuts and all), but the situation doesn't seem to be i my favor. As nobody is around to console my craving past midnight. Everybody except me was snoozing.I know, this used to happened with me fortnightly and most of the time an hour later, I was finishing up, sipping the last bit of faluda mix.(Thanks, Almighty). but this doesn't seem to be happening lately so I begin controlling my

Natural Remedies For Blood Clots That Have No Side Effects

Blood, the fuel running our body, has been doing a marvelous job since we were born.  It is flowing smoothly throughout, transporting nutrients to the body cells, helping in sustaining life. Blood makes up about 8% of the body weight. The role of the blood in our life is notoriously overlooked, but when we get a cut or any other injury, it is the components in blood which form the clot preventing unnecessary loss of blood. A clot is simply an amalgamation of red blood cells and other

How to maximize health benefits of drinking water early morning

Most of us already know, and agree, that there are numerous health benefits of drinking water after waking up early morning. There are different point of views on whether drinking water early morning without brushing is better than after brushing, but to me, that's besides the point. Water is the simplest form of any liquid or food that we ingest. Our body is composed of 60% of water. We can survive on water, without food, for 3-4 weeks. Without water, we would perish due to dehydration within 3

10 Easy Tips for the Healthy Tummy

In this age of global anxiety and stress, taking proper meals has never been a priority, making everybody falling a victim of the stomach bugs in their lifetime which is quite annoying and troublesome. This is mostly due to our own dietary upsets or bizarre eating habits. If we follow a regular eating schedule and a few restrictions in our diet, we can live with the healthy tummy in our life. Here are my 10 simple Tips for living with the Healthy Tummy,follow and enjoy the life.Never take a

Diabetes: Are you facing these fads?

#diabetesNo, No! I can’t take this sweet, I am Diabetic.This a very common hearing these days.Diabetes aka Sugar is a household name these days. You must agree with me that there is not a single brown house on the road where a Diabetic patient is not residing. But things have gone far beyond.Yesterday, my maid who is in late forty’s, had become sweaty while washing utensils in the kitchen. Although, she was illiterate but quite knowledgeable about her symptoms, instantly asked for some

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