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Mommy’s Share: The most Amusing moment in my Life

AsalamoalikumGood Morning:It was like a dream come true when finally the moment arrived when my hubby gets the vacations so that we can take the new addition in our family(the baby girl) to meet my beloved mother residing at the distant town.FlowersI was very much excited because I was confined to home as i cant climb the stairs frequently due to the 2nd floor residence of mine. As every mother knows which thing on Earth, the newbie doesn't need(apart from yourself). From napkins to creams,

Mommy’s Dream: An Unforgettable Journey

Asalamoalikum/Good MorningBaby There was fun & excitement in the air. Everybody was gay and happy as we were going to experience our first ever journey of the train with our very dear kids. We & kids have made lot of plans for the journey as we want to enjoy every bit of this, like Playing board games and catching Views of the amazing world outside the window.It was like a dream come true, actually our beloved aunt who lives in a distant city, has been inviting us for

5 Best Quotes about Mothers

Asalamolikum/Good MorningHere are 5 best quotes about mothers:A mother's greatest masterpiece is her children.Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together. Moma : the glue that holds everything together even when she feels like she may fall apart. Mother holds their children's hands for a while but their hearts forever.A mother understands what a child doesn't say.

12 Best ways that makes your Hubby loves you

Asalamoalikum/Good MorningA good and caring husband is a blessing but having a great wife is the blessing doubled. Here are a few simple tips to become a great spouse.Lay the foundation of your Relationship on the floor of TRUST, SINCERITY and CONFIDENCE. Don't try to hide petty matters from your hubby whether it be that you have spent extra money on shopping or something else.Think, Act and Behave in a manner that will make him feel important and

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