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How to maximize health benefits of drinking water early morning

Most of us already know, and agree, that there are numerous health benefits of drinking water after waking up early morning. There are different point of views on whether drinking water early morning without brushing is better than after brushing, but to me, that's besides the point. Water is the simplest form of any liquid or food that we ingest. Our body is composed of 60% of water. We can survive on water, without food, for 3-4 weeks. Without water, we would perish due to dehydration within 3

5 Best Ways to stay Motivated

Asalamolikum/Good MorningAfter a long off from the work especially the net,i am on the road.The absence is not the holiday or something,its the way to be productive,(in a better sense)By Almighty's Grace ,i am here again to share, to modify with a fresh mind.Life Motivation or inspiration is a must to keep life on gear.It is as essential as oxygen to trees.It acts as a pushing force to keep oneself moving.It can be a simple happening or an example from the near one.problems ,difficulties

10 easy Tips to chill out this summer

Asalamolikum/Good MorningSummer FeastI have been through a quote on summer which I want to share with my readersA perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken - James DentRefreshing DrinkFollowing are 10 easy tips to chill out this summer :Refresh yourself with a bath everyday, Make sure that the water must not be very cold nor very hot.Mint lemonades and yogurt made drinks and dishes are

The Importance Of Water Captured : Best Pics

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening22nd March is being declared as World Water Day #WorldWaterDay as water is becoming a rare commodity day by day and is being labeled as Blue Liquid Gold.World Water Day 2014 Water is the one of the most important Blessing of Mother Nature. The need of the hour is to consume, protect and enhance the water reservoirs so that we continue using it.Total Water in a Nutshell :Total Water in a NutshellImportance Of Water:Ask the

Honey water:Miraculous way to decrease weight.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning.Honey, the pretty amazing Yellowish Golden sweet treat is one of the marvellous Gift that nature has provided us with.The miraculous benefits of honey are endless, making it worthy to be mentioned in various NOBLE SCRIPTURES and Ancient Civilisations.The PROPHET glorified the therapeutic powers of HONEY and consumed it as a part of HIS regular diet.Besides being a gourmet's delight ,its shocking nutritional profile makes it top the list of Natural Energy boosting

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