Detoxifying your Life with Citrus

Asalamoalikum/ Good Morning.

Citrus fruits are the tropical blessings of the nature available in different forms through out the year in our part of the world. They are not  just the juicy, delicious treat  but are loaded with healthy goodness which are usually not widely appreciated.

Half cut citrus is a source of inspiration for me through years and years, it reminds me of the Spokes of the wheel, Sun and Sunlight.
Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Grapefruit, Fruitell are all part of the citrus family widely available here within the reach of both rich and the poor. There can be a thousand marvelous recipes with them, they can be employed as a magical ingredient to anything one can imagine, whether it is a mouth watering Marmalades, tarts, Cakes or it can be used as apart of a Preservative, Disinfectant,  Perfumes or any Refreshing Salads, Dressings for weight watchers. Garlands or Wreaths of the lime are also available on special request. Lemon peel is also works as Candles.

These magical juicy pouches are considered as ALL STAR Fruit, as they contain a special biochemical Compound called FLAVONOIDS, which are considered as ANTI-CANCEROUS.
For Weight watchers lemon and lemon juice are the important part of the menu.
Grape fruit are the rich Source of Vitamin C which is essential for bone forming Collagen and helps in the absorption of Iron.
Citruses are also found to be very useful for  Diabetics as they help in controlling the raised blood sugar levels.
Instead of Tea and Fizzy drinks a Lemon squeezed in a glass of water with leaves of Mint in it is not only Thirst Quenching but also Refreshing.
Lemon juice mixed with water is also used for cleaning the Jewelry.
Now I am sharing an important Recipe to purify yourself after a full fledged Holiday. This I called as DETOX WATER. Its ingredients are:

  • 2-3 table spoons of Lemon Juice
  • Filtered Water
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Slices of Cucumber, Lemon Slices with peel

This will flush all the junk from the body keeping hearty and Light throughout the day.
Now go and grab the one you like and enjoy the natural boosters.

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