How to make the most of your TV time.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning 

As the match fever is on the rise these days, everybody in the house glued to the screens is a common scene, killing a lot of our precious time.

Watching match on TV

Want to know the tips to get the most out of time.Using this time simultaneously to do other chores is not a bad idea.It is known as MULTITASKING i.e Killing two birds with one stone.
Here are the few simple productive tips which are easy to follow while watching your favourite match #t20
  1. Stretch your muscles while watching.This will tone, tighten, and increases the circulation.Other workouts are Push ups , Crunches .
  2. Use commercial  breaks to make to do lists for a week, grocery list etc.
  3. Grab your laptop check your email, arrange them.This is the best time to update your email account.
    Enjoying TV with Friends
  4. Catch up the clothes for folding.Ironing is also an option.
  5. One can easily  chop, cut and mix the veggies,fruits to make a Healthy Yummy Salad, Fruit chat  while hooking on the television .
  6. Sweat yourself during a break by dusting the furniture, mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen counters.

    ICC World T20 2014
  7. Avoid taking meals while television  is on.Meal time should be a family time .

Remember that moderation is the key.Cutting back the excessive screen hours will not only have a Positive  impact  on your Health but also nurtures a Healthy relationship with in family.

Best of Luck Team Pakistan !!!!

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