My article in Hiba Magazine.


 Hope you are all good and enjoying Winters, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Today I just want to share with you the small win which the year 2016 has brought.
Alhamdolillah, my Article ” Ten Jewels earned in a decade of Happy Marriage”

This is my first article to be printed after some articles published on the in the online HTV health & ARY digital blogs.

I would like thanks to all my mentors including you to guide and support me to write and contribute the community.

Hiba magazine is a quaterly magazine with a vision :

“ aim to inspire readers towards positive personal change and self-growth. Hiba reiterates the importance of constructing and nurturing relationships be it personal, professional, business, or familial.”

What you are waiting for ? grab a copy and read it yourself !

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