Weekend Magic

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening Weekend is the time to cheer up, make fun and memories. It’s the time to rejuvenate and reflect .But the point is to respect the time you have. A lot of frustration and anxiety can come if you have no plans to workout. Here are some simple and easy going tips to bring magic to

Mommy’s fright

Asalamoalikum/good morning Being a mother of a three year old, life is  quite  frizzy.Running  after her to prevent the house being turned  into a warehouse keeps u on your  toes. But the most fearful and apprehensive  moments are those when you try to wake up your child at midnight  to let her take milk!!  The

lively morning

Asalamoalikum/good evening. As getting up from the bed  yesterday,I was not feeling full of life and valour, my eyes not opening widely,   getting  out of the bed being difficult, unintentionally hitting things And all in all not in a Good mood. My my! I got to realise these are the aftereffects of the late night

miracle food

Asalamoalikum/good evening  Getting into the shape is the order of the day. Being  it a student,  A working  men or a women,A salesman or A housewife. There are a lot of investment  done on the advertisements of  getting  slim  but I will tell u the secret which is cheap, abundant, and at the same time healthy

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