Surprises that awaits me at the beach

Yesterday when we thronged the beach at the early hours to refill ourselves with the energy of the rising Sun and refresh ourselves with the cool morning waters of the shore, we were, Instead, reawakened by the bunch of surprises that awaits us on the beach.  The beach warmly welcomed us with the low tides and the Seagulls who are the beautiful migratory birds escaping the freezing temperatures of Siberia and sunbathing themselves on the beach with their local friends like Camels, Horses.
Some boats with the fishermen were also glimpsed in the middle of the waters busy in earning their livelihood.

But what left me awestruck is the experience of watching tiny sea shells moving all by themselves on the beach clay.It seems that a little shell is moving magically without any creature in it but on close inspection there is a small living being inside it, hiding and burrowing itself in the beach mud if irritated. This is indeed, a moment that utter me to Praise the Almighty instantly.

 The most inspiring were the Small crabs that were moving against the tides, leaving the shore behind, enlightening us to never stop and keep moving leaving all the fears behind.

The life is not about focusing on the rearview mirror of the past, instead, move ahead to experience the new Horizons of Health, Happiness, and Harmony.      

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