Weekend Magic

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening

Weekend is the time to cheer up, make fun and memories. It’s the time to rejuvenate and reflect .But the point is to respect the time you have. A lot of frustration and anxiety can come if you have no plans to workout.

Here are some simple and easy going tips to bring magic to your weekend

  1. Wake up at the usual time you do. If you wake up late you bade farewell to a lot of your precious time.
  2. Do the household chores on time and marinate some special food.it seems a little awkward but believe me you feel a huge sense of relief completing the household.
  3. Children love to hang out .plan to attend the zoo, flower show, exhibition or just think where u can ferry your children around like grand parents, aunts ,friends.
  4. Relax .But don’t hook to the electronic equipments like television, computers , video games etc. They kill the time extremely fast sucking up your energies as well.
  5. In the evening go out for a drive or a park .Change of scenery not only enhances your mood and energies but also keeps you motivational. Your mind will have new things to look at.
  6. Now there comes the hot aka delicious part of your weekend i.e. DINNER ..It’s good to avoid any time consuming recipes here are some choices:(a) nuggets served with curry. (b) Rice with vegetable stew (c) Chicken roast with potato chips SALADS should make an integral part of your menu, make sure that the FOOD will NOT ONLY SCRUMPTIOUS but FILLING.


Now add magic to it by giving away GIFTS to your family which will be surprise of the day.it could be a simple pencil box to perfume.
DEDICATE your dinner to the LOVED ONE This will definitely add memories to your WEEKEND.
so get up guys.

Treasure Your Weekend & Enjoy the Magical Moments !!!!!

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