World Health Day: 10 best ways to stay Healthy and Safe

Asalamoalikum/Good morning

Food Safety is the theme of this year World Health Day embarking to educate the masses about the criteria of safe & reliable food.

World Health Day
How do we consider our food safe? there could be many answers. Below are top 10 tips to be sure that what we are munching is safe and up to the standards.
  1. Always wash your hands before holding what you are about to eat.It is Sunnah as well prevent the food from being contaminated.But be careful not to rub hands with towel afterwards  
  2. Drink water a lot but be sure that it is at least boiled for 30 minutes at 16 degree Fahrenheit, many potent bacterial toxins are inactivated by boiling.
  3. Try to buy fruits, veggies and other items from reliable shop. Always visits the bazaars when the fresh stock arrives.
    Wash Thoroughly
  4. Never be in a hurry to indulge yourself.Relax and take a look on the labels of the prepared food. Avoid the alien food contents.
  5. Always make a habit to check the expiry of the packaged food.
  6. Keep the raw food separated from the cooked food.Meat and meat related products are separated to avoid the danger of contamination.
  7. Proper storage and refrigeration is necessary to prevent the growth of various pathogens.
  8. Refrigerated food should be utilized and consumed within 4 hours of power outage. However frozen food is more reliable to eat.
    Fresh Fruits
  9. Never taste food to determine its safety.
  10. Never keep the cooked food outside the refrigerator for long periods in hot summer season.
Healthy, Properly handled and cooked food is the surest way to a healthy living. Hope these tips helps you to enjoy a safe life.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy

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